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How to make Chicharrones de Trigo – Wheat Chicharrones with Salsa and Lime


Yeah, what a great name. Those fried things. If only I could remember what they’re called. UPDATE: Chicharrones de Harina, Chicharrones de Trigo, Duritos Wait, wait. It will come to me… Meh. I’m gonna change the title when I figure it out. [done] So anyway, you take these hard wheat pressed wheels and put them in hot oil. They expand really fast. I’d say about 5-7 seconds. These are how they look in the store. Then while frying. Look how much they puff up!   This is almost the finished product. Add a dash of salt and then salsa Valentina with a squirt of lime. A salty treat. And now the clean up.   There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.