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Salsa — Chile de Arbol HOT

Chile de Arbol Hot sauce at its finest is straightforward.

My Sister-in-love made up a sauce with the Chile de Arbol hot sauce in about 15 minutes. It’s fast and simple. And we already had the ingredients on hand.
Chile de Arbol, a generous handful
Water to cover the chiles in the bottom of the pot.
Couple cloves of garlic, whole
Vinegar, 1 Tablespoon
Simplicity stars here and creates a robust flavor!
Take a generous handful of chiles and put them into a small pan of water. Boil so that they soften.
This came from a bag with the tops removed. Boil until soft, about 15 minutes in about a cup of water.

Here is the garlic, waiting with the bit of vinegar. This is white vinegar.

Blend with all the water and the couple cloves of raw garlic. (No vinegar yet!)

Blend it!! Yehaw!

Use a sieve and strain it. Push it through with a spoon. You will have chile residue, toss it.


Mix in the spot of vinegar.

Now taste. Some like it hot. Some do not. Chile is a matter of … Taste.

My brother. He got a little red but he was such a good sport. Thanks, Eric!

See? Spice is purely subjective.
Not too hot, eh, amigo?

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