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Why am I doing this?


Welcome to Supermercado Mexico’s cooking blog. I’m Kerry, the cook, photographer and writer of recipes. I have been asked to share my knowledge about Mexican cooking. People have enjoyed specialty dishes from my hands and stovetop and ask for the recipe. I’m not one to keep secrets. At least not cooking secrets! I love getting a helping hand in la cocina. So, for your perusal, I’ve made a list. On the back burner of this blog are about 40 drafts of recipes off the top of my head. Some Vegetarian, Lenten, Pork, Chicken, Beef… all good. Just thought of another one! I have asked people what would help them to cook and the response was photos and descriptions. If there is anything that you would like to know how to cook, ASK! I’ll be glad to pull up a recipe and put together photos. It’s almost like you are cooking with me, if you like. I have a family to teach, a business to run, so occassionally, a bit of life will sneak into my posts–they may even carry me away for a bit and I might be absent. I’ll be back, though. Can’t seem to stay away from computer time….
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Plantains with Butter & Honey


Plantains (click this link for an example) are a larger banana. They are usually green when they arrive in the grocery, and some people eat them that way. This recipe needs matured, yellowed or browned looking plantains, so you can buy the ugliest plantains in the bunch and have a great meal. It’s not what’s on the outside, it’s the inside that counts. I’ve come back to add these ready to roast plantains. This is how they looked in Supermercado Mexico when I bought them a couple hours ago. These are ready to pop in the oven today or over the next couple days. The one here is just to the point that, well, it’s still good for eating, but I probably should have baked it a couple days ago. It’s still good, though, so we’re okay!! That’s a baking stone under the plantain. I use it almost daily for bread. Plantains sizes make cooking times vary. They also don’t cook evenly. The ends will be drier than the center, but you can eat it all. Bake at 350 until your kitchen starts to smell good. My guesstimate is 20 minutes. It will start to bubble and split open. I helped this…
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Agua de limon


Oh, how we love fresh waters to drink. You will frequently find Aguas for sale in large glass jars with big scoops most anywhere in Mexico. We carry a couple in our restaurant, usually agua de horchata (rice water) and a fruit or Hibiscus. So refreshing. To go with any meal, pick a fruit, most any fruit. Strawberries, limes, lemons, pineapple, mangos, watermelon, muskmelon. I added a half cup of sugar and a bunch of water. It really is according to your taste, so for me to tell you 6 cups water would be winging it. That’s what it is, anyway, about 6 cups. Give or take. Add ice, enjoy with your Gorditas. Or tacos. Or burritos. For this task, I have hand squeezed–not that I recommend it, my squeezer broke–a bunch of limes. They are inexpensive and impressive. That was a workout. My fingers now have biceps. I’m recycling this jar. It’s so handy. I like it’s size but I like cane sugar better.   1/2 cup sugar. Salud! There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.

Gorditas–little fat ones


A great meal, super inexpensive, vegan, Lenten ready. Bookmark this page, you’ll enjoy this. Starting with the refried beans recipe, you will create a corn masa mix that you toast on the stove to eat. Salsa is just as easy and can be as spicy (or not) as you like. Ingredients: Gorditas: Corn Masa Water Refried Beans This photo was taken for the refried beans and gorditas combo. These are the basics for a great meal.  The bag in the background is Maseca corn masa. “Arbol sin pata: just means Chile de Arbol without the stem. The can of Pinto Beans is because sometimes that’s just what you have to do in a time pinch. Sometimes, I make a big batch of pinto beans and freeze them into two cup servings. Two cups plus a little water will fill a pint size ziplock and will keep nicely and feed my family of five. Plus you know how much salt went into them and you can buy dry organic beans and be economical that way, too. Organic food just seems to taste better, but I’m not going to get hung up on that. There are plenty of people who don’t have anything…
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Refried beans


Bienvenidos! Welcome to our recipe pages as we teach you how to cook authentic Mexican foods. Our first recipe to share with you is Refried beans. How can it not be? Such a simple and economical recipe, one that is a basis for so many meals. Today, let’s add another flavor dimension to a standby. Ingredients: Olive Oil (or lard) Beans (whole and cooked in advance, or from a can) Chile de arbol Salt to taste My preference is Golden Olive Oil for it’s flavor. It’s a matter of taste. If you want flavorful food, use flavorful ingredients. Oil counts! Heat a pan and add oil to cover the bottom. Add 2-5 chiles de arbol and let them roast in the oil. Move the oil around them so that the oil absorbs the flavor of the chiles. This is not meant to burn your tongue, it’s meant to add another dimension to the flavor of the beans. Trust me, it’s really good. If you don’t want a lot, try just a couple. See the difference between the chiles cooked in oil? NOT BLACK. Just browned. There are two useful things to reduce splatter: 1. Add a bit of salt to the…
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