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Coco picoso. Spicy coconut


What tastes good tastes even better with natural flavor enhancers. Salsa flavors vary, but there are standbys like Valentina. This is combined with salt and chile and brings me back to Puerto Vallarta.  Ingredients: Coconut Salt Limes Chile Crack open the coconut.   Use a knife to slice between the coconut skin and shell.  Cut the coconut into snack sized pieces. Squeeze lime juice on the pieces and add salt, and chile. Serve!  There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.

Power packed chia and limon.


Have you heard about the superfood Chia? I can’t believe you wouldn’t know it via Ch-ch-ch-chia pet… Yes, that one! It’s a pet and a superfood all in one. This great little seed is fantastic in Lime water. It expands when soaked and it tastes good. My kids at first were curious. What is this gelatinous mass floating in my water? Then they saw their Papi down three big glasses and they were hooked.  Brings him back to his childhood. Yes, I agree. My mother-in-law also taught me about chia in my lime water, too. I think I finished the whole carafe myself and she had to make more. We do carry it in Supermercado Mexico! It can also be found in health food stores and on line. Ingredients: Sugar Water Limes Chia Chia, my friend. Picking out the limes to wash and cut. Washed and cut limes. We quarter them so they give more juice. Water collector guy. Squeezing with all her might. Divine Drink There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.

Carrots and Cream Side Dish


This Carrots and cream side dish is great. It has frequently been made into a sandwich in my house, after Thanksgiving when the refrigerator is stuffed with food. It is one that is quick to make, if you have something to grate carrots rapidly. I use my Kitchen Aid attachments and zip out those carrots. I just seem to think of these recipes as I’m making them. So I made this, then had a duh moment and recreated the moment to snap some pictures. Ingredients: Carrots Sour Cream Mayonnaise Salt Pepper For this recipe, You could do it this way, if you didn’t have a machine. It is time consuming. I like this attachment for my Kitchen Aid. It takes the work out of grating the carrots. Use what you have. Add your salt and black pepper. Ok. Truth be told, I cannot stand pepper. I don’t even have standard black pepper in my house. This pepper has chipotle and I can tolerate it. Just black pepper? Eh. More for you because I don’t buy it often. *Edited 6/17/15 to add that I now have officially pushed through my pepper aversion. I still am not a heavy pepper user, I…
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Molletes–toasted bread with sugar and cinnamon


We did this for a change of pace for this morning’s breakfast. It’s a fast, simple meal, and we have here an older loaf of bread, cinnamon, and butter. As I searched for the correct spelling, I found that there is another kind of mollete that uses sweet beans and cheese, melted in the oven. It was in fact, at the top of the search. It sounds really good and I may have to do that one, too. Ingredients for Sweet Cinnamon Molletes (pronounced Moy-et-es) Cinnamon Sugar Butter Bread loaf–any kind will do really. This is one that was left over, and I was too tired of eggs and bacon. (Did I just say that? Who in their right mind gets tired of bacon?) Slices are about an inch thick. The butter came straight from the fridge so it cut stiff. Obviously warmer temps change the smear-factor. I like warm butter better. Now on to breakfast. I don’t hold to the thinking that butter is bad for you. I use it liberally. Don’t talk to me about Parkay. Butter is better. Waaaaay better. And raw grass fed butter, locally purchased, is even better. Yes, there is a difference. But I…
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Future Food Entries — What do you want to try?


I have on this blog about 40 more recipes in draft (not started, just ideas at this point) off the top of my head for authentic Mexican food. I would like to hear from you. What do you want to learn to make? See in video or picture? Let me know and I might be able to accommodate your request. Maybe it fits in a category, like breakfast food, or dinner, or dessert, or perhaps you have something specific, like Flan, per chance? Please leave a message in the comments. Tacos de pollo on our first sunny day this spring. There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.

Tostones (something special from Central America)


I’m visiting a friend tonight, and she’s making Tostones for her husband’s birthday. (Happy Birthday, Douglas!) It’s a traditional dish from Central America, and my friend Gloria is preparing it. I’m learning while I take pictures and now I will never wonder again how a certain restaurant that I enjoy makes them. Take pleasure with me because these are so good. There was a group of eight adults, and you chop these into pieces. Then peel. She is using a knife because the green plantians don’t really like to let go of their peelings. Peelings, nothing more than peelings… Sorry. Here we are frying them in oil for the FIRST time. Yes, you read that right. You’re going to need to fry them a couple times. The first is to soften them up for flattening, the second is to give them a nice golden brown look. Flip them over. Here Gloria’s using a cup to flatten the fried plantain. Tada! Now they are ready for their salt solution bath. Here is where I diverged from my friend. I enjoyed these so much on Saturday, I made them again on Tuesday. I don’t have Sazon Goya, nor the red capped Adobo…
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