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Since I’ve been adding recipes, there needs to be a way to access them via titles. This list is updated with every new recipe added, to make it easier to find what you may be looking for! Alphabetical Order: Agua de Limon – Lime Water Agua de Limon with Chia Agua de Sandia – Watermelon Water Arroz con Leche, see Rice with Milk below Beans, see Refried Beans below Cactus Pears Carrots and Cream Chicken Tacos – Tacos de Pollo Chilaquiles — Fried Tortillas with Tomato & Egg Coconut “Ice Cream” Coconut, Spicy Eggs with Mexican Sausage — Huevos con Chorizo Gorditas with Refried Beans Guacamole to DIE for! Ham Tostadas in Lime Mexican Hot Chocolate — Chocolatito Mexican Style Hot Dogs Molletes — Toasted Bread with Sugar Onions Cooked in Lime Juice Plantains with Butter and Honey Pozole — Pork broth with Hominy Quesadillas Refried Beans Refried Beans with Mexican Sausage Rice with Milk — Arroz con Leche Strawberries with Cream — Fresas con Crema (most popular blog entry) Tinga — From Guanajuato: Chicken with Chipotle, Cabbage & Onion Tostones with Honey and Guacamole Breakfast: Chilaquiles — Fried Tortillas with Tomato and Egg Eggs with Mexican Sausage — Huevos con…
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Chicken Tacos — Tacos de pollo


*This is a great way to use leftover turkey! There are repeats and there are staples in our kitchen. This is a staple in our house. We love chicken tacos. Can I tell you a secret? This is one of the first from the heart of Mexico recipes I learned. I asked my Mother-in-Love before she was that, what was my then boyfriend’s favorite foods. I sat down with her at her kitchen table in her home and she shared with me her son’s favorite foods. I asked all kinds of questions and this is the delectable answer. Tacos de pollo.  I can see why he could eat a whole plate of them. When I say plate and talk of a young twenty year old, I mean 10+ tacos. I eat like two or three.  I will separate this process into two parts. The salsa and the taco. Salsa Ingredients: Sour cream Salsa verde (canned or fresh) Salt to taste. Taco Ingredients: Chicken or Turkey, shredded Tortillas Salt to taste Oil for frying Back to the salsa.  Take about a cup of sour cream and add a full can of Herdez salsa verde. You can make your own salsa, but…
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Ham Tostadas cooked in Lime Juice


Simple, light, summery. Main ingredients make me think summer, but I like this anytime of the year. You can use tostadas or tortilla chips. I make this in one batch and it usually goes so fast there is no leftovers. I like leftovers because the flavors brew together. We really like taking thin slices of avocado and laying them across the top of this treat, as well. Ingredients: Ham (I buy deli version and chop it finely) Cucumber (I found the hot house variety to be my favorite!) Tomatoes Onion Cilantro Salt to taste Lemon JalepeƱo peppers (omit or add to your picante preference) Avocados (optional, and not in this one, likely because I didn’t have any laying around.) I take a package of ham and slice it long ways, then chop them into tiny pieces. Cilantro is washed and any bad pieces taken out. This is finely chopped. Our tomato is sliced one way, then the other, then one more time to be diced. Like this! Same with the onion. Fine. (Hey, whoever chopped this, come back here and run that knife through one more time.) Where are the cukes? Egads. They went on hiatus and made it back…
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Chilaquiles–Using old tortillas for another day


Ever make more tortillas than you use and have a handful that you just don’t want to throw away? This is your recipe to reuse a dry old tortilla and make something succulent out of it. Use old dry tortillas that would have been tossed. The trick is to cut them after your meal when you know they would just be tossed anyway. That way, they are still pliable. Even if you don’t do this trick, you can still crack them up and use them that way. No harm, no foul, it’s all food! Now, to pronounce the word… Chee-la-KEY-Lays. But because we like to play with words here, the kids call them Chill-la-KILL-lays. Ugh, you slay me, kiddo. Moving on. Speaking of which, I have two hands in these photos, meaning I had a photographer helping me, likely Lydia, my oldest. She knew what I was doing and was rather saddened by the idea that she was going to have to eat this sometime. Buahahaha! Cut into one inch strips.  More or less. (More on one side, less on the top.) Cut across the slices. This looks good. Each piece is bite sized and will be fried. My mouth…
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Chocolatito – Mexican Hot Chocolate


Mexican chocolate is a unique treat. Not only is there chocolate, but it’s blended with cinnamon which gives it some charm. Hot chocolatito is a great combination with colder weather. There are a couple ways to prepare it that I’m going to share here. The first is the charming old-fashioned way and the second is the fast, throw it in the blender and get a great cap of foam. It also skips the “nata”– fine layer of skin that warmed then cooling milk can get. (I love it, the kids don’t. If you don’t then just take a spoon or your finger and scrape it off the top. Nothing else changes.) Ingredients: Package of Chocolate (Abuelita or Ibarra) Milk, 4 cups per round of chocolate. Sugar (added to suit taste) Cinnamon (added to suit taste, optional since it’s in the Abuelita) Or: Powdered cocoa powder, 2 Tablespoons  * Milk, 4 cups Sugar or sweetener, to taste Cinnamon (1 teaspoon)* *These are just guesstimates, as I go by sight and how chocolate-y it looks to me. If you are doing it this way add more milk as needed, or whichever flavor is needed. Let’s start with the old fashioned way. The…
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Tinga from Guanajuato Chicken with Chipotle and Bay Leaf


There are certain flavors in this recipe if you forget them, you miss them: bay leaves and chipotle.  This recipe freezes well. If you have any left, that is. This came to my house via my sister-in-law from the region of Guanajuato. She gave me the recipe years ago and since then it has become a household favorite. This is probably my favorite recipe of all the ones I have learned over the years. By the way, this recipe can easily be converted into a vegan/vegetarian meal. Just don’t add the chicken and use a faux chicken broth. I break my ingredients down into three compartments because I do this from memory at this point and it helps when I’m shopping for the ingredients. Yes, I have forgotten ingredients. Bugger to have to go back out for something, isn’t it? Ingredients: 1. The white mix: Chicken  Salt to taste  Onion, quartered Garlic smashed  Water to boil chicken Bay leaves Onion Olive oil Cabbage 2. The Red mix: Tomato Chipotle chiles -San Marcos has our preferred flavor.  Chicken broth (from cooking your chicken) 3. The finale: Tostadas  Sour Cream Salt to taste Salsa Chipotle Chile I had frozen from a previous…
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