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A Secret Gadget That Pays for Itself: Lime Juicer Review


I have to let you in on a secret. Lime juicers like the one below are awesome.Squeeze me, Seymore

I don’t like to squeeze lemons. I don’t normally like lemon squeezers, either.
I don’t like them mostly because they are made of aluminum,
or they bend,
or break,
or all of the above.

I do like this lime squeezer and it has changed the citrus squeezing game. This is officially a lime juicer review, because some tools are necessary.

Comparison:  Green Chef'n Juicer Yellow No Name Aluminum Juicer

Green Chef’n Juicer
Yellow No Name Aluminum Juicer

I have looked for stainless steel ones, but they are next to impossible to find. Plastic ones are just cheap and don’t last, and there have been two classes of metal ones I have found. Painted aluminum and plain old aluminum. The painted aluminum always chips off. Citrus eats away at the “enamel” or paint, and you get aluminum. Then if you get a plain aluminum one, you are adding that to your meals. There are links to aluminum and disease like Alzheimer’s, and if I can do things to protect the ones I love from more metal in their bodies, I’m going to do it. I really don’t know why I kept the yellow one. Its not one I care to use anymore.

We go through Lemon squeezers like nobody’s business. I think it’s because we like to squeeze them so hard to make sure we are getting every last drop from the lemons and limes we are squeezing. I’m gonna be honest here. The ones who usually break them are the men. Big hands, aluminum handle. You get the picture? It’s done for within months of purchase.

But this one. This one is my friend. My mom got it for me. She knew my requirements.

Aluminum-free. Check.
Not easy to break. Check.
Or bend. Check.
Is it kid friendly? Check.
The best lime squeezer evah!

The best lime squeezer evah!

This lime juicer is uh-may-zing!
My kids can help, we stay healthy,
and I am not breaking the bank every six months buying a new one!
So here is my affiliate link with Amazon. You will love this juicer! It will last and last and last.
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