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How to make Chicharrones de Trigo – Wheat Chicharrones with Salsa and Lime


Yeah, what a great name. Those fried things. If only I could remember what they’re called. UPDATE: Chicharrones de Harina, Chicharrones de Trigo, Duritos Wait, wait. It will come to me… Meh. I’m gonna change the title when I figure it out. [done] So anyway, you take these hard wheat pressed wheels and put them in hot oil. They expand really fast. I’d say about 5-7 seconds. These are how they look in the store. Then while frying. Look how much they puff up!   This is almost the finished product. Add a dash of salt and then salsa Valentina with a squirt of lime. A salty treat. And now the clean up.   There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.

Birria de Chivo–Goat Birria


Our Thanksgiving meal. My sister-in-love has her parents up from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Since they were God-parents to our eldest child, they helped us with the party after the Baptism and together, in Mexico (!!where all these ingredients are easy to pull together whenever you need them!!), we made this recipe. This recipe isn’t so easy to pull together in a couple days, although, it is possible. (You may now “ohh and ahhh!) Having gone through the process, I do recommend advance planning with certain items. Grand Rapids may not be small, but it certainly isn’t Guadalajara with penca de maguey and chile de mirasol (regular, not sweet.) My Mexican husband was talking to my non-Mexican mom about the history of Birria. I just felt like I am taking this blog up a notch with what he said. It is not a small meal. (It is also not a small blog post. It is a feat, and as pregnant as I was while recording, my feet swelled up, even though I wasn’t the primary chef.) It is a meal for parties. Big parties like Quinceñeras, Weddings, Baptisms. (All Sacramental occasions! Ha!) It’s no small feat and you never make just…
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Mexican Rice — Arroz Mexicano


Sopa de Arroz. The name used to confuse me. Sopa. Isn’t that soup? Why are you offering me soup and giving me rice? It’s just a phrase. It means rice cooked with a consume of water, garlic, tomato and salt with vegetables. My daughter loves her God-mother’s sopa.  I cooked it with her on more than one occasion, but alone, I just couldn’t seem to get it right. Ever have a dish like that? This is my nemesis. Or it was. Then I adjusted a few things and made several batches in one day. I got it down now.  The lovely finished product Ingredients: 2 tomatoes 3 cloves of garlic 1/2 a medium onion Water (or use chicken stock. More flavor! ) Puree the above with water and set aside. Chop: Carrots (as fine as the peas) Peas Set aside until rice is ready and add with the tomato broth listed above. Heat the oil in the bottom of the pan. A flatter pan is better than taller for more even cooking. One fistful of dried rice per person Isabel commented gave me a “rule of thumb” that I will never forget. One fistful of dried rice gives us a…
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Complete Listing of Recipes on this Blog


Since I’ve been adding recipes, there needs to be a way to access them via titles. This list is updated with every new recipe added, to make it easier to find what you may be looking for! Alphabetical Order: Agua de Limon – Lime Water Agua de Limon with Chia Agua de Sandia – Watermelon Water Arroz con Leche, see Rice with Milk below Beans, see Refried Beans below Cactus Pears Carrots and Cream Chicken Tacos – Tacos de Pollo Chilaquiles — Fried Tortillas with Tomato & Egg Coconut “Ice Cream” Coconut, Spicy Eggs with Mexican Sausage — Huevos con Chorizo Gorditas with Refried Beans Guacamole to DIE for! Ham Tostadas in Lime Mexican Hot Chocolate — Chocolatito Mexican Style Hot Dogs Molletes — Toasted Bread with Sugar Onions Cooked in Lime Juice Plantains with Butter and Honey Pozole — Pork broth with Hominy Quesadillas Refried Beans Refried Beans with Mexican Sausage Rice with Milk — Arroz con Leche Strawberries with Cream — Fresas con Crema (most popular blog entry) Tinga — From Guanajuato: Chicken with Chipotle, Cabbage & Onion Tostones with Honey and Guacamole Breakfast: Chilaquiles — Fried Tortillas with Tomato and Egg Eggs with Mexican Sausage — Huevos con…
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Chicken Tacos — Tacos de pollo


*This is a great way to use leftover turkey! There are repeats and there are staples in our kitchen. This is a staple in our house. We love chicken tacos. Can I tell you a secret? This is one of the first from the heart of Mexico recipes I learned. I asked my Mother-in-Love before she was that, what was my then boyfriend’s favorite foods. I sat down with her at her kitchen table in her home and she shared with me her son’s favorite foods. I asked all kinds of questions and this is the delectable answer. Tacos de pollo.  I can see why he could eat a whole plate of them. When I say plate and talk of a young twenty year old, I mean 10+ tacos. I eat like two or three.  I will separate this process into two parts. The salsa and the taco. Salsa Ingredients: Sour cream Salsa verde (canned or fresh) Salt to taste. Taco Ingredients: Chicken or Turkey, shredded Tortillas Salt to taste Oil for frying Back to the salsa.  Take about a cup of sour cream and add a full can of Herdez salsa verde. You can make your own salsa, but…
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Ham Tostadas cooked in Lime Juice


Simple, light, summery. Main ingredients make me think summer, but I like this anytime of the year. You can use tostadas or tortilla chips. I make this in one batch and it usually goes so fast there is no leftovers. I like leftovers because the flavors brew together. We really like taking thin slices of avocado and laying them across the top of this treat, as well. Ingredients: Ham (I buy deli version and chop it finely) Cucumber (I found the hot house variety to be my favorite!) Tomatoes Onion Cilantro Salt to taste Lemon Jalepeño peppers (omit or add to your picante preference) Avocados (optional, and not in this one, likely because I didn’t have any laying around.) I take a package of ham and slice it long ways, then chop them into tiny pieces. Cilantro is washed and any bad pieces taken out. This is finely chopped. Our tomato is sliced one way, then the other, then one more time to be diced. Like this! Same with the onion. Fine. (Hey, whoever chopped this, come back here and run that knife through one more time.) Where are the cukes? Egads. They went on hiatus and made it back…
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