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Chilaquiles–Using old tortillas for another day


Ever make more tortillas than you use and have a handful that you just don’t want to throw away? This is your recipe to reuse a dry old tortilla and make something succulent out of it. Use old dry tortillas that would have been tossed. The trick is to cut them after your meal when you know they would just be tossed anyway. That way, they are still pliable. Even if you don’t do this trick, you can still crack them up and use them that way. No harm, no foul, it’s all food! Now, to pronounce the word… Chee-la-KEY-Lays. But because we like to play with words here, the kids call them Chill-la-KILL-lays. Ugh, you slay me, kiddo. Moving on. Speaking of which, I have two hands in these photos, meaning I had a photographer helping me, likely Lydia, my oldest. She knew what I was doing and was rather saddened by the idea that she was going to have to eat this sometime. Buahahaha! Cut into one inch strips.  More or less. (More on one side, less on the top.) Cut across the slices. This looks good. Each piece is bite sized and will be fried. My mouth…
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Huevos con Chorizo


I love breakfast foods. Eggs are simple to cook and adding variety is as easy as adding leftover potatoes, cheese and sausage. This morning, we are enjoying eggs with Mexican sausage called chorizo. Pronounced (Cho-ree-so) It has a mix of spices, including clove, which gives it such an interesting flavor, so different from sage sausage. The above shot is taken at Supermercado Mexico on Division, and you can see the variety. We also make it in house. This is beef chorizo, most varieties are pork. It is also spicy. My kids don’t like too much spice, but mixed with eggs and cream, it isn’t as spicy as you might think. This particular kind comes two tubes to a pack. I use 3/4 of a tube for my family of five. Cook thoroughly, stirring the chorizo up while cooking to avoid burning. These are our lovely eggs that my chickens lay. (Yes, be jealous. The shells are harder than store bought and the yolk is more yellow.) This is what I add to 3/4 pack of chorizo. We eat between 8-10 eggs. When the chorizo is done cooking, add your eggs. There are two ways to do it, if you take…
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Another Vegetarian, Lenten recipe! Simple, fast. Basic. Just like the post. When you are ready to eat, five minutes ago!! Ingredients: Wheat or corn tortillas Cheese (mine is mozzarella) Avocado Salt For breakfast, you can add slices of avocado, but you can really add anything, beans, eggs, chorizo (oh, yes!) Prepare your cheese ahead of time so that the tortilla won’t over brown. Heat pan to medium temp, especially for wheat tortillas. They will toast very rapidly and get crunchy. The point is to make the tortilla malleable, not toasted. Corn tortillas have a bit more leniency in cooking– they take a bit longer to hit the tostada stage. Fold over, let sit to melt, flip to the other side for evenness in cooking. Grated for a more even melt and every bit of tortilla will have cheese. I grated my cheese in my Kitchen Aid attachment grater, but you can just slice and put in the warmed tortilla. Place the cheese in the tortilla and fold over right away. This tortilla was waiting for it’s cheese just a bit too long. It’s still very good, but I don’t like crunchy quesadillas! Ripe avocados are easy to peel. These are…
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