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Side Dish

Mexican Rice — Arroz Mexicano


Sopa de Arroz. The name used to confuse me. Sopa. Isn’t that soup? Why are you offering me soup and giving me rice? It’s just a phrase. It means rice cooked with a consume of water, garlic, tomato and salt with vegetables. My daughter loves her God-mother’s sopa.  I cooked it with her on more than one occasion, but alone, I just couldn’t seem to get it right. Ever have a dish like that? This is my nemesis. Or it was. Then I adjusted a few things and made several batches in one day. I got it down now.  The lovely finished product Ingredients: 2 tomatoes 3 cloves of garlic 1/2 a medium onion Water (or use chicken stock. More flavor! ) Puree the above with water and set aside. Chop: Carrots (as fine as the peas) Peas Set aside until rice is ready and add with the tomato broth listed above. Heat the oil in the bottom of the pan. A flatter pan is better than taller for more even cooking. One fistful of dried rice per person Isabel commented gave me a “rule of thumb” that I will never forget. One fistful of dried rice gives us a…
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Carrots and Cream Side Dish


This Carrots and cream side dish is great. It has frequently been made into a sandwich in my house, after Thanksgiving when the refrigerator is stuffed with food. It is one that is quick to make, if you have something to grate carrots rapidly. I use my Kitchen Aid attachments and zip out those carrots. I just seem to think of these recipes as I’m making them. So I made this, then had a duh moment and recreated the moment to snap some pictures. Ingredients: Carrots Sour Cream Mayonnaise Salt Pepper For this recipe, You could do it this way, if you didn’t have a machine. It is time consuming. I like this attachment for my Kitchen Aid. It takes the work out of grating the carrots. Use what you have. Add your salt and black pepper. Ok. Truth be told, I cannot stand pepper. I don’t even have standard black pepper in my house. This pepper has chipotle and I can tolerate it. Just black pepper? Eh. More for you because I don’t buy it often. *Edited 6/17/15 to add that I now have officially pushed through my pepper aversion. I still am not a heavy pepper user, I…
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Fresas con crema–Strawberries with Cream


Nice berries. Great dessert. It’s affectionately called “Strawberry Smash” here. Because everyone wants to mash the berries. This blog post by far has the most hits of all the recipes I have posted. This recipe is so easy my nine year old can do it. Oh, yes she did. All the photos are hers, taken while making … a treat I didn’t even get to eat, it went that fast! Ingredients: Strawberries Sugar Sour cream We like to use Daisy Sour cream because it doesn’t have extra fillers. Washed strawberries. Hulled. It’s about a cup of sour cream. Notice that the strawberries are cut up a bit more here. Yes, it makes them a bit easier to mash. A 1/3 cup sugar. Well, we’re missing a step in the photos, but the general idea is that you take the potato masher and squish and squeeze the stawberries to make a creamy mix. This didn’t last long. So good.  Now you try it.  Add bananas if you like — as long as you like bananas. I don’t. There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.

Onions cooked in lime juice


This recipe is meant to be paired with a meal. But I like to eat them with my fingers out of the bowl. You can add jalepeno peppers, or habaneros sliced in bits. I did not in this case. Just an option if you want heat. Slice finely. Half an onion sliced and ready. One and a half onions. Squeeze lemons all over it to cook it. Yes, it will really cook them. It’s a chemical cook versus a heated cook. Add oregano and salt. This has been cooking for several hours. It’s ready. It has side dish written all over it. Or finger food. 😀 There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.