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Pozole, mio


Pozole, mio… I always break into song whenever making this dish. It’s that opera song, “O Sole mio” that Luciano Pavaratti sings, but I only sing the chorus because pozole mio fits so well. I don’t really know it, but I like just that part of it. Ok, moving on. This is my mother-in-love’s recipe. I have a book that’s about 10 years old that has a number of recipes in it that I wrote down while cooking with her. So it’s straight from the heart of a Mexican Mama’s kitchen. She’s told the story that in her first month of marriage, she never repeated a dish. THAT is a feat, and it’s a lot of cooking. Ingredients: Pork–Loin, leg, foot (this is up to you) Onion Garlic Chile Guajillo Salt Water Here in the bottom of my deep, deep pan, there are cut up parts of pork, selected based on our own particular likes. These are pork loin, and leg. You could add feet, but some of my family are not fond of it, so I don’t add it. Adding parts with bone is important, because the marrow and bone add a different dimension of flavor and it is…
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