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Arroz con leche


A tasty breakfast treat or late night snack. Jasmine rice has a sweet, nutty flavor to it, but take your pick long grain, short, what matters is that you are serving your family in love.  I have used long grain for this one. Ingredients: Water Cinnamon stick Rice Sugar/sweetener Milk Raisins (you can also use craisins, they taste wonderful!) So here’s how you get it done. Start with a little over the amount of water you will need for cooking rice. Add 2 cinnamon sticks. This is a sure fire way to get the flavor throughout your rice. It isn’t powder sprinkled on, it penetrates your senses. By the way, cinnamon is really healthy for your heart and blood pressure. It also stabiles blood sugar. While the water is prepped, measure out your rice. I always make a bit more than I think I’m going to need, because we always seem to want seconds. If it isn’t finished for breakfast, someone will eat it for snack. It’s good cold, too. Measure and then rinse your rice. Once, I found a small stone. It’s good sense to check through your rice while rinsing. I’ve run into my first blogging problem. I don’t…
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