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A Secret Gadget That Pays for Itself: Lime Juicer Review

  I have to let you in on a secret. Lime juicers like the one below are awesome. I don’t like to squeeze lemons. I don’t normally like lemon squeezers, either. I don’t like them mostly because they are made of aluminum, or they bend, or break, or all of the above. I do like this lime squeezer and it has changed the citrus squeezing game. This is officially a lime juicer review, because some tools are necessary. I have looked for stainless steel ones, but they are next to impossible to find. Plastic ones are just cheap and don’t last, and there have been two classes of metal ones I have found. Painted aluminum and plain old aluminum. The painted aluminum always chips off. Citrus eats away at the “enamel” or paint, and you get aluminum. Then if you get a plain aluminum one, you are adding that to your meals. There are links to aluminum and disease like Alzheimer’s, and if I can do things to protect the ones I love from more metal in their bodies, I’m going to do it. I really don’t know why I kept the yellow one. Its not one I care to use…
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Jicama – Cool as a … Tuber?

Summer Jicama treat

Summer. Yummy fruits, vegetables fresh from the garden, a tall glass of iced tea and life couldn’t get better. It’s the simple pleasures.So I’d like to share with you a few of my simple summertime menu ideas! First let’s consider this amazing and often forgotten vegetable that you can find in almost any Latino Grocery. Light and sweet tasting, it’s sure to be a sensation at your next summer party. Jicama also has a long list of health benefits: Low on the glycemic index — contains oligofructose insulin; great for keeping blood sugars stable. High in soluble dietary fiber —.helps lower chances of colon cancer. High in Vitamin C — one serving has 44% of the recommended daily dose. High in minerals — copper, potassium, manganese, magnesium and iron. Low calorie and filling! You can cook with it or eat it raw. My family normally eats it raw. Here’s one of our favorite ways to prepare it: Sources: You can cook with this legume, or eat it raw. We normally eat it raw in the way listed below: Voila! The the finished product. Now let’s get started! You’ll need the following ingredients: Jicama Salt Cayenne Lime   Jicama…
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Ham Tostadas cooked in Lime Juice


Simple, light, summery. Main ingredients make me think summer, but I like this anytime of the year. You can use tostadas or tortilla chips. I make this in one batch and it usually goes so fast there is no leftovers. I like leftovers because the flavors brew together. We really like taking thin slices of avocado and laying them across the top of this treat, as well. Ingredients: Ham (I buy deli version and chop it finely) Cucumber (I found the hot house variety to be my favorite!) Tomatoes Onion Cilantro Salt to taste Lemon Jalepeño peppers (omit or add to your picante preference) Avocados (optional, and not in this one, likely because I didn’t have any laying around.) I take a package of ham and slice it long ways, then chop them into tiny pieces. Cilantro is washed and any bad pieces taken out. This is finely chopped. Our tomato is sliced one way, then the other, then one more time to be diced. Like this! Same with the onion. Fine. (Hey, whoever chopped this, come back here and run that knife through one more time.) Where are the cukes? Egads. They went on hiatus and made it back…
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Power packed chia and limon.


Have you heard about the superfood Chia? I can’t believe you wouldn’t know it via Ch-ch-ch-chia pet… Yes, that one! It’s a pet and a superfood all in one. This great little seed is fantastic in Lime water. It expands when soaked and it tastes good. My kids at first were curious. What is this gelatinous mass floating in my water? Then they saw their Papi down three big glasses and they were hooked.  Brings him back to his childhood. Yes, I agree. My mother-in-law also taught me about chia in my lime water, too. I think I finished the whole carafe myself and she had to make more. We do carry it in Supermercado Mexico! It can also be found in health food stores and on line. Ingredients: Sugar Water Limes Chia Chia, my friend. Picking out the limes to wash and cut. Washed and cut limes. We quarter them so they give more juice. Water collector guy. Squeezing with all her might. Divine Drink There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.

Cactus Pears


Try this fruit and you will never look at a cactus the same way again. This fruit is so juicy and so delectable. It reminds me of a Raspberry with so many seeds on the inside. The outside is covered with thorns, too, like a raspberry bush. You must use caution while cutting the fruit so that you don’t get the invisible pokes that just irritate the skin. Eh, it’s still worth it to sink your teeth into this fruit. Just chew carefully. The secret to eating these is to mash it with your mouth, don’t really bite down. It’s better than chocolate. Really. Ingredients Prickly pears Salt Lime There is a way to cut this fruit without too much ado. First cut and second cut take off the top and bottom. *avoid touching the pokey spots* Ouch, ouch, ouch. Make a cut down the peel, top to bottom and use both hands to peel back the skin. Look at this color! No kidding, this cactus pear shouts “I’m going to jump on your clothes and stain you.” Cut in half. Our fruit plate. See the seeds? There are many. These are the seeds this mama warned you about. Whatever…
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Onions cooked in lime juice


This recipe is meant to be paired with a meal. But I like to eat them with my fingers out of the bowl. You can add jalepeno peppers, or habaneros sliced in bits. I did not in this case. Just an option if you want heat. Slice finely. Half an onion sliced and ready. One and a half onions. Squeeze lemons all over it to cook it. Yes, it will really cook them. It’s a chemical cook versus a heated cook. Add oregano and salt. This has been cooking for several hours. It’s ready. It has side dish written all over it. Or finger food. 😀 There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.