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Tostones (something special from Central America)


I’m visiting a friend tonight, and she’s making Tostones for her husband’s birthday. (Happy Birthday, Douglas!) It’s a traditional dish from Central America, and my friend Gloria is preparing it. I’m learning while I take pictures and now I will never wonder again how a certain restaurant that I enjoy makes them. Take pleasure with me because these are so good. There was a group of eight adults, and you chop these into pieces. Then peel. She is using a knife because the green plantians don’t really like to let go of their peelings. Peelings, nothing more than peelings… Sorry. Here we are frying them in oil for the FIRST time. Yes, you read that right. You’re going to need to fry them a couple times. The first is to soften them up for flattening, the second is to give them a nice golden brown look. Flip them over. Here Gloria’s using a cup to flatten the fried plantain. Tada! Now they are ready for their salt solution bath. Here is where I diverged from my friend. I enjoyed these so much on Saturday, I made them again on Tuesday. I don’t have Sazon Goya, nor the red capped Adobo…
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Guacamole to DIE for!


Oh my goodness you’re going to love this! Supermercado Mexico has the best, ready to eat avocados. I love the price. I don’t feel guilty picking up 6 avocados (or more) and spending an arm and a leg. It seems like they are always fresh and we have a constant supply. I cut them in quarters, and peel from the point down. Usually comes off in one big piece. To remove the seed, cut into it, and twist. It will pop right out. The tomato is a Roma tomato, they are so tasty when in season! tiny cubes. My daughter helped me cut this one up. To peel your garlic, flatten it!  Like this! Paper wrap comes right off. Chop… Finely. How big of a bite of garlic do you really want to eat? Mash the avocadoes with the garlic. I tell you, these avocados have always been good and no sitting around. Add your tomato and salt. Ready! Now just let it sit a bit so flavors can mingle. Can you resist? There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.

Gorditas–little fat ones


A great meal, super inexpensive, vegan, Lenten ready. Bookmark this page, you’ll enjoy this. Starting with the refried beans recipe, you will create a corn masa mix that you toast on the stove to eat. Salsa is just as easy and can be as spicy (or not) as you like. Ingredients: Gorditas: Corn Masa Water Refried Beans This photo was taken for the refried beans and gorditas combo. These are the basics for a great meal.  The bag in the background is Maseca corn masa. “Arbol sin pata: just means Chile de Arbol without the stem. The can of Pinto Beans is because sometimes that’s just what you have to do in a time pinch. Sometimes, I make a big batch of pinto beans and freeze them into two cup servings. Two cups plus a little water will fill a pint size ziplock and will keep nicely and feed my family of five. Plus you know how much salt went into them and you can buy dry organic beans and be economical that way, too. Organic food just seems to taste better, but I’m not going to get hung up on that. There are plenty of people who don’t have anything…
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Refried beans


Bienvenidos! Welcome to our recipe pages as we teach you how to cook authentic Mexican foods. Our first recipe to share with you is Refried beans. How can it not be? Such a simple and economical recipe, one that is a basis for so many meals. Today, let’s add another flavor dimension to a standby. Ingredients: Olive Oil (or lard) Beans (whole and cooked in advance, or from a can) Chile de arbol Salt to taste My preference is Golden Olive Oil for it’s flavor. It’s a matter of taste. If you want flavorful food, use flavorful ingredients. Oil counts! Heat a pan and add oil to cover the bottom. Add 2-5 chiles de arbol and let them roast in the oil. Move the oil around them so that the oil absorbs the flavor of the chiles. This is not meant to burn your tongue, it’s meant to add another dimension to the flavor of the beans. Trust me, it’s really good. If you don’t want a lot, try just a couple. See the difference between the chiles cooked in oil? NOT BLACK. Just browned. There are two useful things to reduce splatter: 1. Add a bit of salt to the…
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