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Why am I doing this?


Welcome to Supermercado Mexico’s cooking blog. I’m Kerry, the cook, photographer and writer of recipes. I have been asked to share my knowledge about Mexican cooking. People have enjoyed specialty dishes from my hands and stovetop and ask for the recipe. I’m not one to keep secrets. At least not cooking secrets! I love getting a helping hand in la cocina. So, for your perusal, I’ve made a list. On the back burner of this blog are about 40 drafts of recipes off the top of my head. Some Vegetarian, Lenten, Pork, Chicken, Beef… all good. Just thought of another one! I have asked people what would help them to cook and the response was photos and descriptions. If there is anything that you would like to know how to cook, ASK! I’ll be glad to pull up a recipe and put together photos. It’s almost like you are cooking with me, if you like. I have a family to teach, a business to run, so occassionally, a bit of life will sneak into my posts–they may even carry me away for a bit and I might be absent. I’ll be back, though. Can’t seem to stay away from computer time….
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