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Agua de sandia aka Watermelon Water


Well, for our first sunny day in a couple weeks and time for some warm weather food! Watermelon is such a great summer treat. There are all kinds of “pick the best watermelon” tests, but really, you can’t go wrong when it’s in season! This is the first of many water posts. Aguas are popular in Mexico, and you can find big containers filled with Watermelon, Lemon, Lime, Tamarind, Hibiscus, and Strawberry, all wonderful fruits and refreshing.   Here the watermelon has been chopped into slices about an inch to an inch and a half thick. From there, chop the fruit into pieces your blender can handle. The ones below are fairly large. My blender can take big pieces. It’s a work horse. I think of my Grandma Easterday every time I use my blender. It was her Osterizer, and you can’t beat an old machine. They work so much better than anything new I’ve tried. Sorry about the blurr.  Add sugar to taste and water to it helps it all mix. There is about three quarters cups of sugar here. Consider this the concentrate and you’ll be adding more water to it. Watermelon water isn’t going to be thick, but…
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Cactus Pears


Try this fruit and you will never look at a cactus the same way again. This fruit is so juicy and so delectable. It reminds me of a Raspberry with so many seeds on the inside. The outside is covered with thorns, too, like a raspberry bush. You must use caution while cutting the fruit so that you don’t get the invisible pokes that just irritate the skin. Eh, it’s still worth it to sink your teeth into this fruit. Just chew carefully. The secret to eating these is to mash it with your mouth, don’t really bite down. It’s better than chocolate. Really. Ingredients Prickly pears Salt Lime There is a way to cut this fruit without too much ado. First cut and second cut take off the top and bottom. *avoid touching the pokey spots* Ouch, ouch, ouch. Make a cut down the peel, top to bottom and use both hands to peel back the skin. Look at this color! No kidding, this cactus pear shouts “I’m going to jump on your clothes and stain you.” Cut in half. Our fruit plate. See the seeds? There are many. These are the seeds this mama warned you about. Whatever…
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