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Fresas con crema–Strawberries with Cream


Nice berries. Great dessert. It’s affectionately called “Strawberry Smash” here. Because everyone wants to mash the berries. This blog post by far has the most hits of all the recipes I have posted. This recipe is so easy my nine year old can do it. Oh, yes she did. All the photos are hers, taken while making … a treat I didn’t even get to eat, it went that fast! Ingredients: Strawberries Sugar Sour cream We like to use Daisy Sour cream because it doesn’t have extra fillers. Washed strawberries. Hulled. It’s about a cup of sour cream. Notice that the strawberries are cut up a bit more here. Yes, it makes them a bit easier to mash. A 1/3 cup sugar. Well, we’re missing a step in the photos, but the general idea is that you take the potato masher and squish and squeeze the stawberries to make a creamy mix. This didn’t last long. So good.  Now you try it.  Add bananas if you like — as long as you like bananas. I don’t. There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.

Plantains with Butter & Honey


Plantains (click this link for an example) are a larger banana. They are usually green when they arrive in the grocery, and some people eat them that way. This recipe needs matured, yellowed or browned looking plantains, so you can buy the ugliest plantains in the bunch and have a great meal. It’s not what’s on the outside, it’s the inside that counts. I’ve come back to add these ready to roast plantains. This is how they looked in Supermercado Mexico when I bought them a couple hours ago. These are ready to pop in the oven today or over the next couple days. The one here is just to the point that, well, it’s still good for eating, but I probably should have baked it a couple days ago. It’s still good, though, so we’re okay!! That’s a baking stone under the plantain. I use it almost daily for bread. Plantains sizes make cooking times vary. They also don’t cook evenly. The ends will be drier than the center, but you can eat it all. Bake at 350 until your kitchen starts to smell good. My guesstimate is 20 minutes. It will start to bubble and split open. I helped this…
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