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Carrots and Cream Side Dish


This Carrots and cream side dish is great. It has frequently been made into a sandwich in my house, after Thanksgiving when the refrigerator is stuffed with food. It is one that is quick to make, if you have something to grate carrots rapidly. I use my Kitchen Aid attachments and zip out those carrots. I just seem to think of these recipes as I’m making them. So I made this, then had a duh moment and recreated the moment to snap some pictures. Ingredients: Carrots Sour Cream Mayonnaise Salt Pepper For this recipe, You could do it this way, if you didn’t have a machine. It is time consuming. I like this attachment for my Kitchen Aid. It takes the work out of grating the carrots. Use what you have. Add your salt and black pepper. Ok. Truth be told, I cannot stand pepper. I don’t even have standard black pepper in my house. This pepper has chipotle and I can tolerate it. Just black pepper? Eh. More for you because I don’t buy it often. *Edited 6/17/15 to add that I now have officially pushed through my pepper aversion. I still am not a heavy pepper user, I…
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