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Jicama – Cool as a … Tuber?

Summer Jicama treat

Summer. Yummy fruits, vegetables fresh from the garden, a tall glass of iced tea and life couldn’t get better. It’s the simple pleasures.So I’d like to share with you a few of my simple summertime menu ideas! First let’s consider this amazing and often forgotten vegetable that you can find in almost any Latino Grocery. Light and sweet tasting, it’s sure to be a sensation at your next summer party. Jicama also has a long list of health benefits: Low on the glycemic index — contains oligofructose insulin; great for keeping blood sugars stable. High in soluble dietary fiber —.helps lower chances of colon cancer. High in Vitamin C — one serving has 44% of the recommended daily dose. High in minerals — copper, potassium, manganese, magnesium and iron. Low calorie and filling! You can cook with it or eat it raw. My family normally eats it raw. Here’s one of our favorite ways to prepare it: Sources: You can cook with this legume, or eat it raw. We normally eat it raw in the way listed below: Voila! The the finished product. Now let’s get started! You’ll need the following ingredients: Jicama Salt Cayenne Lime   Jicama…
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How to make Chicharrones de Trigo – Wheat Chicharrones with Salsa and Lime


Yeah, what a great name. Those fried things. If only I could remember what they’re called. UPDATE: Chicharrones de Harina, Chicharrones de Trigo, Duritos Wait, wait. It will come to me… Meh. I’m gonna change the title when I figure it out. [done] So anyway, you take these hard wheat pressed wheels and put them in hot oil. They expand really fast. I’d say about 5-7 seconds. These are how they look in the store. Then while frying. Look how much they puff up!   This is almost the finished product. Add a dash of salt and then salsa Valentina with a squirt of lime. A salty treat. And now the clean up.   There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.

Guacamole to DIE for!


Oh my goodness you’re going to love this! Supermercado Mexico has the best, ready to eat avocados. I love the price. I don’t feel guilty picking up 6 avocados (or more) and spending an arm and a leg. It seems like they are always fresh and we have a constant supply. I cut them in quarters, and peel from the point down. Usually comes off in one big piece. To remove the seed, cut into it, and twist. It will pop right out. The tomato is a Roma tomato, they are so tasty when in season! tiny cubes. My daughter helped me cut this one up. To peel your garlic, flatten it!  Like this! Paper wrap comes right off. Chop… Finely. How big of a bite of garlic do you really want to eat? Mash the avocadoes with the garlic. I tell you, these avocados have always been good and no sitting around. Add your tomato and salt. Ready! Now just let it sit a bit so flavors can mingle. Can you resist? There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.

Plantains with Butter & Honey


Plantains (click this link for an example) are a larger banana. They are usually green when they arrive in the grocery, and some people eat them that way. This recipe needs matured, yellowed or browned looking plantains, so you can buy the ugliest plantains in the bunch and have a great meal. It’s not what’s on the outside, it’s the inside that counts. I’ve come back to add these ready to roast plantains. This is how they looked in Supermercado Mexico when I bought them a couple hours ago. These are ready to pop in the oven today or over the next couple days. The one here is just to the point that, well, it’s still good for eating, but I probably should have baked it a couple days ago. It’s still good, though, so we’re okay!! That’s a baking stone under the plantain. I use it almost daily for bread. Plantains sizes make cooking times vary. They also don’t cook evenly. The ends will be drier than the center, but you can eat it all. Bake at 350 until your kitchen starts to smell good. My guesstimate is 20 minutes. It will start to bubble and split open. I helped this…
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