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Ham Tostadas cooked in Lime Juice


Simple, light, summery. Main ingredients make me think summer, but I like this anytime of the year. You can use tostadas or tortilla chips. I make this in one batch and it usually goes so fast there is no leftovers. I like leftovers because the flavors brew together. We really like taking thin slices of avocado and laying them across the top of this treat, as well. Ingredients: Ham (I buy deli version and chop it finely) Cucumber (I found the hot house variety to be my favorite!) Tomatoes Onion Cilantro Salt to taste Lemon JalepeƱo peppers (omit or add to your picante preference) Avocados (optional, and not in this one, likely because I didn’t have any laying around.) I take a package of ham and slice it long ways, then chop them into tiny pieces. Cilantro is washed and any bad pieces taken out. This is finely chopped. Our tomato is sliced one way, then the other, then one more time to be diced. Like this! Same with the onion. Fine. (Hey, whoever chopped this, come back here and run that knife through one more time.) Where are the cukes? Egads. They went on hiatus and made it back…
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Tostones (something special from Central America)


I’m visiting a friend tonight, and she’s making Tostones for her husband’s birthday. (Happy Birthday, Douglas!) It’s a traditional dish from Central America, and my friend Gloria is preparing it. I’m learning while I take pictures and now I will never wonder again how a certain restaurant that I enjoy makes them. Take pleasure with me because these are so good. There was a group of eight adults, and you chop these into pieces. Then peel. She is using a knife because the green plantians don’t really like to let go of their peelings. Peelings, nothing more than peelings… Sorry. Here we are frying them in oil for the FIRST time. Yes, you read that right. You’re going to need to fry them a couple times. The first is to soften them up for flattening, the second is to give them a nice golden brown look. Flip them over. Here Gloria’s using a cup to flatten the fried plantain. Tada! Now they are ready for their salt solution bath. Here is where I diverged from my friend. I enjoyed these so much on Saturday, I made them again on Tuesday. I don’t have Sazon Goya, nor the red capped Adobo…
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Guacamole to DIE for!


Oh my goodness you’re going to love this! Supermercado Mexico has the best, ready to eat avocados. I love the price. I don’t feel guilty picking up 6 avocados (or more) and spending an arm and a leg. It seems like they are always fresh and we have a constant supply. I cut them in quarters, and peel from the point down. Usually comes off in one big piece. To remove the seed, cut into it, and twist. It will pop right out. The tomato is a Roma tomato, they are so tasty when in season! tiny cubes. My daughter helped me cut this one up. To peel your garlic, flatten it!  Like this! Paper wrap comes right off. Chop… Finely. How big of a bite of garlic do you really want to eat? Mash the avocadoes with the garlic. I tell you, these avocados have always been good and no sitting around. Add your tomato and salt. Ready! Now just let it sit a bit so flavors can mingle. Can you resist? There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.



Another Vegetarian, Lenten recipe! Simple, fast. Basic. Just like the post. When you are ready to eat, five minutes ago!! Ingredients: Wheat or corn tortillas Cheese (mine is mozzarella) Avocado Salt For breakfast, you can add slices of avocado, but you can really add anything, beans, eggs, chorizo (oh, yes!) Prepare your cheese ahead of time so that the tortilla won’t over brown. Heat pan to medium temp, especially for wheat tortillas. They will toast very rapidly and get crunchy. The point is to make the tortilla malleable, not toasted. Corn tortillas have a bit more leniency in cooking– they take a bit longer to hit the tostada stage. Fold over, let sit to melt, flip to the other side for evenness in cooking. Grated for a more even melt and every bit of tortilla will have cheese. I grated my cheese in my Kitchen Aid attachment grater, but you can just slice and put in the warmed tortilla. Place the cheese in the tortilla and fold over right away. This tortilla was waiting for it’s cheese just a bit too long. It’s still very good, but I don’t like crunchy quesadillas! Ripe avocados are easy to peel. These are…
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